Communication unBreakdown

Enhancing targeting for community organizing using supervised and reinforcement learning

Airline Delays and Weather

Building a data lake and distributed pipeline to predict flight delays using weather data

Best Time to Go!

A data-driven platform focused on using visualizations to help you plan your next ski trip

Predicting Support Ticket Criticality

Using sparse, imbalanced data and NLP to predict support ticket urgency

Do Advertisements Suppress Objective Decision Making?

Advertisements are everywhere, can they change how we make purchasing decisions?

Online Game Trade Engine

Building a cloud-based, scalable event-driven analytics pipeline to understand player trading behavior in a hypothetical online game

Fraud Detection

Using machine learning to detect fraudulent credit card transactions and money transfers

Newsgroup Topic Classification

An exercise in processing and feature engineering unstructured text data

Digit Recognition

A learning exercise in machine learning using the classic MNIST handwritten digit dataset